Without any doubt, Tesla is an amazing company that is making some pretty impressive stuff that changes our living standards.

First, they came out with all electric cars. I don't think they were the first company to make all electric cars but they are the first company to make one that is practical (# of miles per charge) and also made it so advanced that many analysts say that Tesla cars are 10 years ahead of current cars in terms of technology and design.

Then they came out with Tesla solar panel and roof. Again, they were not the first company to make these but they made it far better, more practical and advanced (well, I believe they are the first one to make the solar roof).

Tesla also indicated that all the cars that they have sold as of 2016 are equipped with hardware that is capable of auto pilot (yes, self driving car!). They also shared that about 1 million miles are driven by Tesla cars using the auto pilot feature every single day.
This means that by the time Kara is ready to learn to drive, she might not have to

They recently started shipping model 3, which is their first "consumer affordable" electric car that starts at $35,000. By the end of 2018, I have no doubt that Tesla will be the most popular car in the market and we will see them on the road as often as we see cars from other manufacturers.

With their advanced technology around rechargeable batteries, Tesla should totally work on home consumer goods next, such as electric lawn mower, hedge trimmer, leaf blower, chainsaw, and snow blower!
Again, not that we don't have these battery-power garden tools already but I know Tesla can make them more powerful, practical, and advanced, like they do with their other products.

I can't wait until Tesla brand becomes everyday household brand some day...
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