The first and the last Sunday


I guess yesterday was my first official Sunday as a reborn Christian.
Everything seemed so different and new.

I was first very blessed while reciting the Apostles' Creed. Every Word that I was reciting meant something to me and I was firmly believing what I was reciting for the very first time.

I was also blessed during the praise time. I was praising my heart out for songs that I knew and even the ones that I didn't know, I was touched by the lyrics.

I think we ran out of time and had to skip the sermon because we had a sharing time by the short-term mission team and by Susan Bang, one of our praise team leaders.

I was soooo blessed by Susan's testimony. It was such a honest, open, and straight from heart testimony. I concurred with most of the things that she shared and kept nodding my head. One thing I realized yesterday was that people will think the same when they experience the true love of God and accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour. I think it makes sense why since the Lord's commands to us have been consistent. Forgive and Love.

Yesterday was officially the last Sunday at WELL for Susan.
She's finally uniting back with her husband, who is a navy chaplain deployed overseas. I'm so happy for her but sad at the same time. I wish her the best with her husband and hope to hear some really good news in near future.

Here's Susan's photo blog site.
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