the first fight

After I was born again, I got into first big fight with my wife this past week.

I was devastated and frustrated with so much anger that I didn't know how to react or control myself.

I urgently sent S.O.S. to my pastor and asked him to come over to give us our first marriage counseling. The counseling was very helpful because he was able to share what he saw in both of us and some of the points that I never saw or didn't want to admit but the problem didn't or couldn't get resolved.

The day after the counseling, I was able to share some of my deepest feelings and thoughts with my wife in a lengthy conversation. In the beginning, she was very hostile and angry but at the end she was able to see my genuine motive and my heart for her and my family. So she no longer has any issue or is upset about the problems we fought about in the first place.

I'm going through some rough time with work because it's a serious crunch time but my heart is at peace since I'm so happy about my life at home.

I continue to praise Him and thank Him for the grace and blessings that He continue to pour on my family.

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