The Fleece

Once again, I was so blessed with the message I heard today during the Service.
The sermon had many illustrations that were to the point and very applicable to my life. It also made me reflect on my faith and how I need to trust God in every aspects of my life.

I highly recommend that you take time to listen to this message and be blessed as much as I did. For me, this is a message that I need to go back to every once in a a while to remind myself how I need to trust God, why I need to share, and the way I need to live.

Some of the highlights and illustrations that I noted during the sermon were:

* I don't need to prove to my son the nutritional value of eating his meals at regular times. Likewise, God does not need to prove Himself to us.

* Obedience with needing knowledge is not faith. Faith is obeying without knowing.

* Don't reject God's grace by not following Him.

* HOW we follow reflects WHO we follow.

Unfortunately, the sermon audio is no longer available at the church website.
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