the very first letter to Aaron

On May 2nd 2004, Aaron got his infant baptism.
Our church at that time had a tradition where the parents would write a letter to the child, which would be shared with the entire congregation during the baptism.

Katie wrote the first letter to Aaron in English and I ended up writing the one for Jordan's baptism in Korean.

The following is the letter that Katie wrote to Aaron, which was read on the day of Aaron's infant baptism.

Dear Aaron:

Hi Aaron! We've finally met you!
Mommy and Daddy waited so long to see your dear face, to hold you, to talk to you, to play with you, and to experience a whole lot of things with you. From the moment we found out that we were expecting you, you gave us such a joy, which we didn't fully realize.
Everyday we look at you and cannot help but to thank God. We thank God for granting you to us, for your health, and of course your looks!

Today we are standing before God, in front of our church congregation to confess to God that we will raise you in His faith, love, prayer and words. You are not only our child but you are also a child of God. We pray everyday that you'll grow up in good health, with wisdom and that you'll be pleasing in God's eyes.

As you are experiencing all the things for the first time, we are experiencing a whole another kind of love, joy, happiness, wonder and gratefulness for the first time too. We pray to God to be good, loving, understanding, patient and wise parents. We know that as we go along, you'll show us how to be that kind of parents. We are forever grateful to God for blessing us with one of the greatest gifts of all...You. We love you infinitely!

Mommy and Daddy
On Sunday, May 2nd 2004
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