the worst business trip


I went to California this past week for a business trip. Well, technically it's my once every quarter commute to my office at the headquarter.

About three years ago, I went to California every single week for about 5 months.
It then turned into every other week for about a year, which then turned into once every 3 weeks for another year.
Last year, however, I went to California only 4 times while working from home the remainder of the year.

Because I had very limited travels during the last year, I had lost all my airline statuses. I went from elite status to nobody.
I could not believe my eyes when I printed my boarding pass... I was assigned with Zone 5 boarding.
Due to my previous elite status, I was guaranteed to have the First Class upgrade even a week before my departure date. Now I went from the first person to board the plane to the last group of people to board... and because of that, they ran out of the overhead bin space by the time I was boarding, so they forced me to check my bag.

Believe it or not, I had meetings from 8 to 5 everyday while I was in California.
Other than the lunch and bathroom breaks, I was in a conference room all day with consultants and business process owners discussing business requirements.

The worst part of the all day meetings was that I could not drink coffee or any soda because I was fasting all drinks except water for the lent season.

On top of that, I went out to dinner with my coworkers every night after work and it almost killed me to drink just water with my steak, burger, and seafoods.

We actually met and started the meeting at 7am at the office on Friday in order to maximize my time since I was flying back home on Friday noon.
On Friday, I flew from Santa Barbara, CA to Phoenix, AZ then to Charlotte, NC then to Newark, NJ. I arrived around 12:30AM on Saturday morning and walked into my house around 2AM.

I really really hate traveling now... I no longer wish to get on the airplane unless it's for vacation...
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