WARNING: if you can't stand the people who brags about their children, please do not read this post. I'm simply sharing the facts and events that occurred.

Yesterday, my family went to a diner for lunch before getting a haircut.
I'm so blessed that my children (Aaron and Jordan) eat so well.
Aaron was eating his pancakes and keep asking for bites of my BLT sandwich.
He was also loving the pickles that came with our sandwiches.

The sandwich was indeed very delicious and the pickles even looked very tasty. However, I could not eat any of the pickles because Aaron was enjoying them so much and there were only couple of them left as Aaron was eating it away.

So, I asked the waitress if we can just have little more pickles. After I ordered it, I told Katie that it looks so tasty but I couldn't eat because Aaron is loving it.
When Aaron heard this, he lifted one pickle with his folk and asked me, "Daddy, do you want to have one?" I was sooooo shocked and happy with his thoughtfulness.

Later than evening, I think I was watching TV with Aaron and Jordan in our basement and Katie brought a plate full of peach and some other fruit that I could not recognize. The fruits were already all slicked and chopped into bite sizes for Aaron and Jordan. She also only brought two baby folks. I wasn't really in a mood for a fruit.
Few minutes later, I guess Aaron noticed that I was not eating so he lifts one chunk of peach in his folks then asked me, "Daddy, do you want one?"

A funny story that evening...

I was taking a shower with Aaron as usual and he kept lifting his private part and touching the "balls". He asked me, "Daddy, what are these? Is this part of my pennis? (he didn't say the word "pennis" obviously, but said in a cute Korean word).

"Yes, don't touch it and don't play with it", I said.

Aaron then said, "when I touch it, something bumps each other inside."
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