Throwback Memories

Good artists copy. Great artists steal.
This is a famous quote by Pablo Picasso.

This quote was also referenced by Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in the Pirates of Silicon Valley movie (since they both stole their Mac and Windows features and ideas from others).

Apparently, Facebook has a feature that pops up something like "X years ago today" and displays an old photo posted on that day many years ago and calls it Facebook Memories.

I thought this was a neat idea to be reminded and look at old photo tweets that occurred on the same day in the past so I implemented this feature to our website last night.

It will randomly show one instatweet from same day at least 1 year ago and if there's more than 1 instatweet then there will be a link displayed to see all of them on the same page in order of oldest to the newest.

Hope you will like this feature!

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