trailer - The Lion King Rises

Katie and I have not watched any of the Dark Knight batman movies but Stony thinks the Dark Knight is the best movie in the world.
When we went away together during Christmas vacation, she sounded like a sales woman trying to convince us why the Dark Knight is her favorite and the best movie

I was curious so I watched the trailer for the final Dark Knight batman movie coming this summer, which is very eye catching.

Recently, I came across this youtube video, which I was dying (laughing) and very impressed at the same time when I saw it.

Introducing a trailer for The Lion King Rises: (this guy is a genius!)

If you don't see what the big deal is (which can only mean that you have not seen the Dark Knight Raises trailer yet) then watch the Dark Knight Rises trailer below:

I played both videos at the same time with the audio synchronized and it's truly an impressive piece of work...
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