two months old

Kara is now two months old as of yesterday.
She's giving Katie some hard time these days by not going back to sleep after her feeding in the middle of the night but other than that, she's doing great.

It's scary how much Kara resembles Aaron when he was an infant.

Here's a picture of Aaron when he was exactly two months old. They also have the exact same sleeping style as well, which Jordan didn't have.

No matter how we lay Kara down, her head always ends up on a side way and she has her arms up, just like Aaron used to do. I guess she will have a nice head shape like Aaron does

Some how, Kara doesn't like sitting on a bouncer. I don't think she can sit more than 30 minutes. I remember the bouncer was one of Aaron's and Jordan's favorite place to stay... oh well.

She's staring to get picked up from the bouncer..

Wow.. Kara looks just like her cousin Jane (Katie's sister's daughter) in this picture, which is no surprise since Aaron used to look like Jane as well when he was a baby.

hi Kara~ sweat dreams!
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