very first swim instruction program

Today was Aaron's first day of swim instruction program.

We get a booklet of activities and programs offered by the town every spring, summer, and fall.
These are thick booklets that have all sorts of activities for children, such as swimming, basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, camping, golf, art classes, and much more, including karate.
There are after-school programs as well as the weekend programs.
Most of them also offer many different levels from beginner to advanced, and there are some programs for adults as well.

We decided to take advantage of these programs this year for the first time.
These programs are only offered to the residents that live in the orangetown so I'm sure our tax money goes into these programs so why not get something out of it? BTW, these are not free but they are relatively inexpensive.

We enrolled Aaron in beginner's swim instruction program and intro to multi-sports program for the Spring.

The swim program is held at one of the middle schools on every Saturday for 30 minutes. The swim programs are offered to children starting at 4 and 5 years olds.
I regret that we didn't take advantage of this program when Aaron was 4 and 5.

There were many different skill levels of swim programs going on at the same time by different instructors at different sides of the pool.

Aaron's class had 4 students and the instructor was teaching one at a time.

I took this video with my digital camera from the outside of the pool area (because parents cannot stay inside the pool area due to distraction) so it's very shaky but check out Aaron's first swimming lesson.

Looks like all the kids are bored (and cold) when they are waiting for their turns.

After the program, I found out that there's also a family recreational swimming program in the Spring. All family members can come and swim on Friday evening for 2 hours then on Saturday afternoon for 2 hours. The Spring program ends on June 18th and it's $80 for the family pass.

Aaron really enjoyed the swimming lesson today. In fact, this is the very first time that he went into the water without his Mickey Mouse floaters around his arms.

Inside the locker room, Aaron was thrilled when I told him that he will be able to swim with me and Jordan on Friday evenings and on Saturdays right after his lesson.
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