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I was suppose to play in my church golf tournament today but it got canceled due to weather. However, it's not raining outside right now.

The tournament was canceled last night based on the weather forecast for today, which had 90% to 100% chance of rain most of the day today.

This got me thinking, how accurate is the weather forecast?

I googled "weather" and of course, the top of the search result list is the weather forecast for my city provided by google. They already know where I live, where I was last week, and what I had for dinner last night so this was no surprise.

I then went through the first top 5 search result sites and checked out the weather forecast for my city. Surprisingly, only two of the five sites had the hour-by-hour forecast but I guess it's not easy to forecast for every hour.

So I decided to confirm the validity of these two weather forecast websites, hour-by-hour to see who's more accurate because they had very different forecasts.

First one is and here's the hour-by-hour forecast.

The other one is and here's their hour-by-hour forecast.

As you can see, according to the, I'm not suppose to get any rain until 2pm then it clears up again for the remaining day.
However, according to the, I'm suppose to get rain in 45 minutes then again around 1pm for the remaining of the day. Let's see what happens.
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