welcome home Kara

Kara finally came home yesterday! woohoo!
When we went to the hospital yesterday afternoon with the car seat, we were bummed out that Kara could not come home with us because her jaundice level went up again. They needed to do another blood test at 8pm and if the jaundice level is lower than the day before, then they told us that Kara can go hom.

"Take me home already.."

Because Kara was prematurely born, they had to do a car seat test to make sure that Kara can stay inside the car seat for more than 30 minutes without having any breathing issues.

She looked so much smaller inside the car seat

She looked very comfortable and fell asleep immediately in the car seat.
Maybe she thought she was going home

After we came home from the hospital, we prepared Kara's bedroom with clean beddings.

We got a call from the hospital around 9pm last night indicating that blood test came back good and that we can come and take her home!
So we went back to the hospital and dressed Kara as she also looked excited to go home finally

Finally, Kara was home as of last night and got to sleep in her crib

I'm sure she's very happy to be home as well.
She even showed me the biggest smile so far
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