why i will not join social media such as facebook

Once in a while, I am asked via email or in person the following question:
"Do you have a Facebook account?"
Sometimes, they assume that I would have one and ask:
"Here's my Facebook account. What's yours?"

The fact is I don't have a facebook, myspace, twitter, or any other social media accounts and I refuse to join any of these social media!

Here are my top 5 reasons why I refuse to join a social media, such as Facebook, and why I prefer having my own personal website blog!

1. I don't want "some" people to easily find me or find out what I've been up to.

There are certain "friends" and co-workers that I don't want to share my personal life with.
I don't want them to easily find me on social media and get to know what I've been doing.
I also don't like about people getting automatic updates whenever I post something. If they want to know what I've been up to, they can type my website address and find out. If not, they don't have to know about it. Simple as that.

2. Most social media, such as Facebook, is a private network

I do want most of my blogs to be publicly available, especially via search engines.
I only have two intentions for my website: 1) blog about my family lives to share and to remember, and 2) share the wealth of knowledge, information, reference, and helpful resources.
These days, people instantly turn to google when they don't know something or want to find out more information about it. Internet is a wonderful thing and provides tremendous source of answers and useful information at your finger tips. I want to contribute to that pool of free resources.

Facebook is currently a closed, private network so it's only open to the logged in members and search engines cannot index any Facebook contents.

3. Yesterday was MySpace, today is Facebook, tomorrow will be?

Facebook seems to be the most popular and dominant social media right now but it was Xanga and MySpace for a while. I don't want to end up writing my blogs in MySpace then lose everything or having to manually type them again when I switch to Facebook. Same thing will happen when something better than Facebook comes along tomorrow.

I get to keep and manage all the contents in my website and it will stay and grow upon here as long as I can sustain it.

4. My own identity and ownership

I like the fact I can have my own internet address (domain) that is specific to my website blog. Same goes for AaronHan.com and JordanHan.com (i need to find one for Kara... :()
I get to decide the look and feel for my website and have the total control over design decisions and operations. I can even create my own email addresses within my domains.

5. Challenges and Accomplishment

I enjoy the challenges around designing and developing my own website that anybody from anywhere in the world can view and interact with as long as they have internet access! This is pretty an exciting challenge that keep me going and returns a big satisfaction of accomplishment to me.

However, there is one big down side of not having a social media account. Social medias seem to be the fastest way to pass around the word of mouth. It's probably the best way to advertise or market your products and services. Therefore, I might have to join one of these social medias once I have my own product and/or service offering...

These are purely my opinions and I really don't know too much about Facebook or MySpace since I have never used them so please feel free to point out any corrections or share your opinions about this. Thanks.
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