why you need avocado slicer

Katie prepares a salad with slices of avocados for my lunch every day before she goes to work. I love avocado... not only they taste good but they are very good for you.

Yesterday morning, I was sound in sleep and dreaming about something then I heard a loud scream outside the bedroom in the kitchen. I initially thought it was part of my dream but then I heard Aaron say "mommy, are you okay?" then I realized that the scream was not part of my dream.
I woke up then ran out but I only saw Aaron eating breakfast.. He then told me Katie cut herself and she went to the bathroom. I went up to the bathroom and Katie was trying to put a bandage on while bleeding. She said she got a big cut while cutting the avocado...

She was feeling dizzy so she lied down a bit. She then canceled 3 of her morning meetings with her clients so she can go to the urgent care, hoping she can get stitched up there.
When she saw the doctor at the urgent care, the doctor said that he can't stitch it up because the cut is too deep and that it needs to be checked up by hand specialist doctor to make sure there are no damages to tendons...

Katie then went to her work for the remaining days and left work little early for the appointment with the hand specialist doctor. That's when she heard the bad news...

The doctor indicated that the cut may have damaged her nerves and that she would need a microscopic surgery for nerve reconstruction if her nerve is damaged, and because the hands are the most sensitive part of your body, she would have to be in full body anesthesia so that she doesn't move during the surgery.

So today, I took a day off and went with Katie for her surgery. Here's a picture of her before they put her to sleep.

I was really nervous because there's always a slim risk of full body anesthesia as people's body react differently to it...
After waiting for some period, the doctor came out to talk to me and said that the nerve was not damaged so they just had to clean up the inflammation before stitching up the cuts. Thank God!

I was able to see Katie an hour later when she was fully awake from anesthesia and told her the good news. Here's a picture in a recovery room after she was awake.

We then went to Fort Lee to enjoy some good Korean food all by ourselves and made it back home before the kids came back from school.

If you regularly enjoy eating avocado at home, do yourself a favor and go buy an avocado slicer today if you don't have one. The doctor told us that way too many people cut their hands while cutting avocado with a knife...
The avocado slicer in this video is the one that I just bought today
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