wife - part 2


I love it whenever I get a chance to talk to Aaron about marriage and his future wife.

Here's another wife conversation we had at the breakfast table this morning:

Aaron: Daddy, are you going to be still live when I get married?

Daddy: I hope so... because I want to see you get married.

Aaron: Why?

Daddy: Because I want to see if your wife is prettier than my wife.

Aaron: (whispers in my ears) and maybe you want to see if my wife is nicer than your wife?

Daddy: I have the prettiest and nicest wife in the whole world!

Aaron: No, your wife always yells at you!

Let's not kid ourselves... Aaron also told me numerous times in the past that mommy is sad and angry because daddy doesn't help her out in the house.

I think we really have to be careful about what we say and how we act in front of our children because I certainly don't want my kids to remember only the ugly side of our lives. I don't want to give the impression that marriage is a bad thing. I hope we can show more of the loving and caring side going forward.

BTW, truth of the matter is that even though we have our own short-comings, both Katie and I have been trying and working hard on our relationship.
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