Wildwood, NJ 2018

 Aaron :P
About a week after Kara, Jordan, and I presented our Long Beach Island slideshow, we got our results. They told us we were not going to go to Long Beach Island, but Wildwood instead! We weren’t as excited about it because we were spoiled from the seven day Cancún trip, but we were happy we could get away from home.

We left August 23 at around 12:30. After three long hours, we finally arrived at the Bal Harbour Oceanfront Hotel. I liked our room a lot because it had a beach house vibe and it was right in front of the beach! When we arrived, we left soon after to eat at Homestyle To Go. Then, we went to the ACME supermarket to get food and drinks. Finally, it was time. We got on our swimsuits and went to the beach. By this time, it was around 7:00. Because it was late, we only stayed for about an hour, but we had a lot of fun playing in the ocean!

When we got back to our hotel room, we all showered and had delicious Korean food for a late dinner thanks to Umma! We also saw that Appa bought a Nintendo Classic for this vacation, so we all played that for a while. After dinner, Umma played Bubble Bobble while the rest of us watched two episodes of a Netflix original, Lost In Space on the TV. Finally, we had ice cream and went to sleep at around two.

The next morning, some of us woke up at 8:30, and others at 9:00. We all had a quick breakfast and then went down to the beach for a full day. We got there at around 11:00 and then after playing in the water and the sand, came back to the hotel pool for a late lunch.

After the pool, we went back to our room for some rest. Umma and Appa took a nap while we played some game. When Umma and Appa woke up, we had Korean food again for dinner and then went out to the boardwalk. We stayed out at the boardwalk until midnight. We rode a lot of rides and had a lot of fun! When we got back to the hotel, we watched more Lost In Space and then went to sleep.

On the third day, we woke up later than usual because of the boardwalk the previous night. However, we had a good breakfast because of Jordan’s omelettes. As soon as we were ready for the beach, we went down as soon as possible to maximize our time on our last day. It was another great day! Jordan napped for a couple of hours while Kara and I played in the ocean and the sand, but when he woke up, Jordan joined us right away. Soon after Jordan’s nap, we were able to eat Domino’s pizza at the beach because of one of their delivery hotspots. Appa picked the pizza up right in front of the beach and then we ate! After pizza, we went into the ocean again. Jordan and I had a lot of fun being mauled by the ocean. After the ocean, we went back to the hotel. We watched Lost In Space before and after dinner (which was Korean food again) and finished the series! Overall, we felt it was a great last day on the beach!

When we woke up on the day of departure, we packed and got ready to leave. Before we went home, however, we stopped by Cape May to compare their beach to Wildwood’s. I preferred Wildwood’s beach much more. After that, we had brunch at Mermaid’s Restaurant and then headed back to Wildwood for their boardwalk. We stayed for a little bit and rode a few rides. We got a knock off of Dippin’ Dots and played crane games at an arcade. Soon after, we began the three hour drive again back to home. Of course, we had dinner at Gammeeok, which is our tradition for dinner after a getaway or vacation. We then headed home. It was a enjoyable and memorable getaway, and I hope to go back again next year! Thank you Umma and Appa!

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