Wildwood, NJ 2019

Overall, we had a very good time at Wildwood.
We arrived on Saturday, and we planned to stay for 7 nights, 8 days. Since we already came to Wildwood before, we knew more activities that we could do.

In total, we went to the beach for four of the days, and watched six movies. We watched, Murder Mystery, Flight Plan, Get Smart, Rocky 5, Rocky Balboa (RIP Adrian), and Win a Date with Tad Hamilton.

On the first day, we were exhausted from the long trip, so we were hesitant to go to the beach. However, we went, and had a great time with the wonderful ocean water.

We didn’t stay for too long though, and after, we headed for the pool. When we jumped into the pool, we couldn’t believe the temperature! It was crazy warm, almost like a hot tub! It was the best pool we ever swam in, and we made a new friend at the pool.

For dinner, we enjoyed the traditional home cooked meal by Mommy; spicy tofu with pork, and short ribs with radish. It was delicious! After, Dad took us out to Ice Cream.

The next morning, Mom made omelets and waffles for the family.

However, it was windy that day so we decided to not go to the beach. We decided to swim in the awesome pool and go to the boardwalk. There, we played a bunch of crane games and had dippin dots.

We also tried Cup Ramen for the first time (kids). After, we enjoyed another amazing home cooked meal by Mommy.

On day three we went out for an early morning 5-person bike ride. We rented a 5-person bike we saw from last year, and regretted not seeing it earlier. It was very fun and we drove all the way to our hotel from last year. Dad even let me drive the bike for a while! Luckily, I didn’t crash into any other bike riders, or pedestrians thanks to my dad’s guidance.

After, we went mini golfing at an amazing 27-hole course.

Later, we went swimming and enjoyed another home cooked meal by Chef Mommy.

The next day, we decided to spend the whole day at the boardwalk amusement park.
Aaron, Dad, and I rode a bunch of roller coasters, while Kara and Mommy rode the less scary rides such as music chairs. We had a very good time overall.

For dinner, we ate out at a Japanese restaurant called Dong Sin.

On day five, we spent the day at the beach, where I made more friends who helped me take care of a baby crab my dad found in the ocean. Mommy spent most of the time sleeping and Aaron, Kara, and I loved the ocean. When we went home, we swam in the “hot-tub” pool and had a home cooked meal. This time, Mommy cooked fried dumplings because she knows I love them.

On day 6, we spent the day at the beach again, and enjoyed it very much. We swam after and got mini-melts. We then played crane games and swam.

After, we went to a seafood and grill restaurant and the boys got amazing steak. Mommy got fish and chips and Kara got her usual pasta.

On the last day, or the seventh day, we went to the beach, and couldn’t believe how awesome the ocean tide was. It was a very low tide, so the whole ocean was like a huge swimming pool, and if you go deeper, then it gets shallower!

After, we had the traditional home cooked meal. We all couldn’t believe the Vacation was over already! The next morning, we checked out at 10:00 and said goodbye to the hotel. To top the vacation off, we had our traditional vacation meal at Gameeok(감미옥) and watched Dirty Dancing.

We enjoyed our 2019 Wildwood Vacation, and although we’re sad that it’s over, we’re glad that it happened.
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