As usual, I went to the Wednesday Life Group meeting today after work.
I really enjoy going to the Life Group on Wednesdays but I will save the details and reasons for another post.

The meeting ended around 10pm and I had to stop by a gas station to fill up my tank.
As I was waiting at the gas station, a man came up to my car and asked me if he can "borrow" $20 from me.
He told me that he left his wallet at work and is out of gas in his car, which was parked next to the gas station. He lives in Long Island and needs about $20 for gas and toll for the bridges. He sounded desperate and was complaining that everybody that drove up for gas in nice cars would not help him out.

I hardly carry any cash with me so I opened my wallet and showed him that I don't have any cash with me. I guess I showed him my wallet to prove that I was being honest because if I had any cash with me I think I would have gave him some money.

He then said that there's ATM machine in this gas station as well as in the next gas station. He told me that if I have Chase bank then the ATM machine in the next gas station would not charge any fee and was asking me to go take out some money so he can go home...

It was pretty dark outside and I wasn't going to take any chance walking to the next gas station, especially to take out money from ATM machine while this guy may be behind me... I would be stupid to take that kind of chance... but at the same time, I had this urge to wanting to help him for some reason. I'm not sure if because I just came out from the Life Group meeting or not but I felt sorry and bad for him and wanted to help.

I told him "let me see what I can do..." and was about to drive away. However, this guy was keep insisting that I use the ATM machine and asking me to not leave him at the gas station. I told him that I would come back after I take out some money from a nearby bank but he was so convinced that I would not come back and that he would be just stuck in the gas station.
I told him that he really has no option at this point and he's stuck either way but to take my word that I would come back...

After I drove out from the gas station, I was thinking whether I should just head home or go out of my way to stop by a nearby bank to take money out. For some reason, the popular phrase, "What Would Jesus Do?" popup in my head... and with that, I drove to nearest Chase bank and went inside the bank to take $20 from the ATM then came back to the gas station.

He was really happy to see and told me that he was sure that I would not come back. I told him that the reason why I came back is because I'm a Christian and because God loves him. He then asked me why I didn't tell him before that I was a Christian... I didn't know where he was going with that question but he continued...

He said that he actually lied to me before and that he's actually a homeless person. He then told me that he's a Jew but he believes in Jesus and he hates lying but he has no choice as he lost his job, house, family, etc and he's barely surviving and hoping that God will open doors for him and to give him opportunity. He also told me his name and asked me to pray for him...

Now, I'm not sure if he's making up all these and saying these just to please me or to be on the good side with me but I thanked him for telling me the truth and told him that God loves him and to put trust in Him. He thanked me multiple times and told me that he would remember to do goods as Jesus told us to do when he's in better situation. I then drove off and came home.

If I had known that he was a homeless person, would I have went extra distance to help him? Honestly, I don't think I would have... I wanted to help him only because I genuinely believed that he was stuck and needed some cash to get home, and I felt bad that he was stuck but couldn't find any way or help in the middle of the night. I felt cheated when he told me the truth but at the same time, I don't regret it.

Because I went extra distance to help him to show the love of God for us and what we ought to do to help others and you never know how God will use this event and him to change lives and people around him.

All we can do is trust and obey His Words and leave everything else to Him.

So tonight, I will be praying her Kenny. God bless and may he find new life in Him.
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