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  • Greatest Nike Commercial

    I would say this is the greatest Nike commercial ever made and it might just be the greatest commercial ever made by any company in my book.
  • Throwback Memories

    This quote was also referenced by Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in the Pirates of Silicon Valley movie (since they both s...
  • Tesla

    Tesla is changing our living standards... and they should totally work on lawn/yard tools next to reach millions of consumer users while further helping our environment!
  • Photo Albums

    I've been working on a photo albums page for my website for several weeks and I'm happy to share that it's finally done.
  • Laravel is the bomb

    In 2003, I was part of a website team in my church and we were trying to build the very first website for our church. Back then, I only knew...
  • responsive blog design launch

    Katie has been complaining about my handymango website design. She said it's ugly and more importantly, it's not inviting. However, one thing about my website that has been bothering me the most...