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The real reasons why I must go on...

  • Wildwood, NJ 2018

    About a week after Kara, Jordan, and I presented our Long Beach Island slideshow, we got our results. They told us we were not going to go to Long Beach Island, but Wildwood instead!
  • Cancun 2018

    We all woke up at 1:00. We were supposed to be at Cancun for 7 nights and 8 days but Dad forgot we were supposed to go an extra day so we ended up just going for 6 nights and 7 days...
  • Orlando Vacation 2017 - Day 1

    Our flight out to Orlando was on Christmas day at 6 AM from a small airport in Long Island and we spent our first day hopping at the Universal Studios.
  • Orlando Vacation 2017

    During the 2017 winter break, our kids finally had a chance to experience the Disney World and Universal Studios for the first time.
  • Flag Football

    Aaron loves football. Not just watching the NFL games but he loves playing the game even more....
  • why you need avocado slicer

    Katie prepares a salad with slices of avocados for my lunch every day before she goes to work. I love avocado... not only they taste good but they are very good for you...